Twitter Chat Recap: “Examining Unconscious Bias to Strengthen School Communities”

On Monday March 13, the Better Together team hosted our fourth #BetterTogetherCA Twitter Chat of 2017 with New Teacher Center’s Jennifer Ammenti. The topic of the chat was “Examining Unconscious Bias to Strengthen School Communities”. During the chat, we explored how unconscious bias can affect the classroom and how to address it.

Below is a recap of the questions asked during our chat, as well as questions, comments, and insights from the community.


Q1: What makes a strong school community? #BetterTogetherCA

  • I think a strong school community is one where all voices are heard and respected – adults and kids #BetterTogetherCA
  • Trust #BetterTogetherCA
  • An inspirational leader, respect, fluid communication, did I say respect…. an engaged learning community #BetterTogetherCA
  • Inclusive, safe, welcoming for all #BetterTogetherCA
  • Safe and welcoming environment #BetterTogetherCA
  • Affirming, inspiring, empowering #BetterTogetherCA
  • shared values. #BetterTogetherCA


Q2: How do you build community throughout the year? #BetterTogetherCA


Q3: What is unconscious bias? #BetterTogetherCA

  • A bias you are not aware you hold.. In teaching… we may feel a certain way towards a student by the way they dress. #BetterTogetherCA
  • when you don’t know about your bias.. when good intentions don’t quite align with actions/words #BetterTogetherCA
  • I would say lowering expectations for some students, possibly without realizing it #BetterTogetherCA
  • Here’s one definition. @KirwanInstitute #BetterTogetherCA



Q4: In what ways does unconscious bias show up in our school communities? #BetterTogetherCA


Q5: If you noticed unconscious bias in yourself or school community how might you address it? #BetterTogetherCA

Q6: How can an awareness of and attention to unconscious bias strengthen school communities?

  • Awareness will help to uncover teacher language that may effect students negatively #BetterTogetherCA
  • less hurt feelings due to perceived slights and more appreciation of Ts and Ss strengths. #BetterTogetherCA
  • . @CATeacherSummit we all make mistakes with awareness we can acknowledge and apologize if necessary #BetterTogetherCA
  • Anytime you have an awareness, plan to address… that is a move in the right direction. #BetterTogetherCA
  • Results in an equal place of learning where every child can have the potential to flourish #BetterTogetherCA


Q7: What is one way you can further develop your awareness of unconscious biases? #BetterTogetherCA


Q8: What is your key take-away from tonight’s chat on “Examining Unconscious Bias to Strengthen School Communities? #BetterTogetherCA


What are you thoughts about Unconscious Bias?

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