Better Together:
California Teachers Summit

July 28, 2017

A third annual statewide day of learning by teachers, for teachers

California teachers are working hard to foster inclusive classrooms, spark learning and equip all students to succeed. This is a difficult job, especially at a time when our country is divided and our core values as educators are being challenged. Now more than ever, teachers deserve an opportunity to come together and share ways to support our students, protect our values as educators and set an example for the rest of the country.

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“I was reminded that what I do matters.”

Sherri, 2016 Summit Attendee

“Enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious.”

Marleau, 2016 Summit Attendee

“I learned real strategies from other teachers that I plan to try this year. I will definitely attend next year too!”

Shannon, 2016 Summit Attendee

“The Summit can be a great time to draw on other peoples’ wisdom and experience.”

Ruth, 2016 Summit Attendee

“I’m very happy that I made the decision to attend.”

Lisa, 2016 Summit Attendee

“California teachers truly care about their students. Very inspirational!”

Jonathan, 2016 Summit Attendee