On Monday May 8th, the Better Together team hosted our sixth #BetterTogetherCA Twitter Chat of 2017 with #tosachat and @GsuiteEduHelp co-founder (and New Teacher Center alum!) Karly Moura (@KarlyMoura).The topic of the chat was “Appreciating and Elevating Teacher Voices”. In honor of Teacher Appreciation month we spent the whole hour appreciating teachers who have made a difference for us.

Below is a recap of the questions asked during our chat, as well as the audience’s questions, comments, and insights.

Q1: Share a shout out to a teacher that has helped you grow as an educator (don’t forget to tag them!)

  • A1 Sadly, wasn’t until college. My sociocultural anthropology prof was cool. Showed me multiple perspectives about people #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1 I was SO fortunate to have mentors from @NewTeacherCtr. They were instrumental in my growth and continue to be today. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1) The teachers that helped me grow are the ones who had me as a student. Thank you! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1: Always want to appreciate @KarlyMoura for being my rock. Emotion compass. #BetterTogetherCA
  • @PrincipalTrots @MrHobsonCMS @theteachingjedi @jcorippo @davidtedu @MrZiebarth and ofc my #hyperdoc #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1 – Mr. Kerley my high school English Teacher. He has passed but he made a difference in my life. #BetterTogetherCA
  • Shout out to @johnt1952 and @Gina Kiyuna for invaluable guidance and support. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1 @MTTeacherCoach has been/continues to be an inspiration! And I learn daily from math gurus @Jyoung1219 + @MsHaughs #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1: Definitely need to appreciate @kvanfm & @vnsabbag for helping me grow. For our circle of trust. #BetterTogetherCA
  • In the classroom Margaret MacLean, recently @nbartley6 @BethHouf @BTopink @TaraMartinEDU @365DaysEduCoach 2 name a few #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1: @NicciEduc inspires me with her devotion to her Ss, love of learning & dedication to public education. #BetterTogetherCA #beniciastrong
  • A1: The teachers that helped me grow was @KarlyMoura and my hs teacher who said more than two words to me. #BetterTogetherCA
  • @KarlyMoura and the #TOSAchat crew have made me a BETTER educator!! ??#BetterTogetherCA
  • #bettertogetherca @MrPrincipalRock @MsMarshallCMS @beardsleyteach @slogue89 @KarlyMoura @CoriOrlando1 & all the #Hyperdoc peeps out there!
  • A1) Shout out to my parents. Both CA educators that inspired me every step of the way. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1 – Mr. Fambrini was my 5th grade teacher. He was the first person I really felt believed in me. He also made me think I could be a teacher
  • Shout out to @MaryEhrenworth @alicialuick @KyleneBeers for helping me to grow as an educator. #BetterTogetherCA
  • @izorchris helped me grow as a TOSA last yr– would have been lost my 1st yr w/out him! #BetterTogetherCA
  • @lisawiseman9 for her constructive feedback and encouragement, @MsHaughs for her innovative ideas #BetterTogetherCA
  • @SherriJohnsto19 @susanlehr2 who have always been there to help! #BetterTogetherCA
  • Seriously great edu-authors! @KyleneBeers @smokeylit @nsteineke @SaraKAhmed @StevenZemelman & more are my gurus #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1: @jcorippo @TonySinanis @DCulberhouse to name a few #eduleaders who have helped me #growforward #bettertogetherca
  • YES to these & more of my #hyerodoc peeps! @lhighfill @SARAHLANDIS @kellyihilton @SEANJFAHEY #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1:My 3rd grade team @pamaschultz @kathykschlief inspired creativity & innovation. They def started me in right direction! #BetterTogetherCA
  • Many T have mentored and supported me: Jackie Carpenter, Lisa Doig, Margaret Cartwright, Laura Dosh #grateful #rescueunion #BetterTogetherCA
  • A lot of love for THE Karly Moura. #BetterTogetherCA @rachelmarker @MsHaughs
  • A1: I need to add #hyperdocs ladies for introducing me to HyperDocs. #BetterTogetherCA
  • Lots of LOVE for ALL of you who make me what I am =) Can’t do it without you =) #BetterTogetherCA
  • More A1… My primary PICs inspire & encourage me to push the TK-2 boundaries! @annkozma723 @TechCoachSusan #K2CanToo #BetterTogetherCA
  • A1 I also need to give a HUGE shout-out to my #gtawa peeps who I continue to learn from every day! #BetterTogetherCA #WeMissYouWillKimbley
  • A1 I also need to give a shout-out to @amassi who first got me interested in edtech and @mdreyfus who inspires me. #BetterTogetherCA
  • My mentor @izorchris supported me in me taking flight & elevating my teaching & leadership. #BetterTogetherCA
  • Shoutout 2 @CateTolnai & @LindseyBlass1 for intro-ing me 2 #ConnectedTL SO much growth from there! #BetterTogetherCA


Q2:We have a SPECIAL opportunity to share your appreciation for the amazing teachers in your life. Please upload a video of thanks to flipgrid.com/78d0a5 to a teacher that has impacted you. Everyone who shares a video will be entered to win some awesome prizes for you AND your special teacher!


Q3: Shout out to a teacher that has gone out of their way to help you.

  • A3 #BetterTogetherCA Maureen Bradish, an amazing K teacher, was assigned as my BITSA mentor when I was a new 5th gr T. She was everything.
  • A3 @ShaunaHawes and @TechDivaElliott have gone above and beyond to help me. They are incredible friends and mentors. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3 I can always count on @LisaTeachesTech to help me come up with great ideas for students! #BetterTogetherCA
  • Yes! @LisaTeachesTech is the real deal. We are all lucky to be able to work with her! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3 Poor Mrs. Shinn tried every trick & strategy to get me thru geometry. My <3 goes out to her. No growth mindset at 13! #BetterTogetherCA
  • Q3: On Twitter, @KarlyMoura helped me out on a HyperDoc and at work Katie Beaman who pushed me to try new things. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3: @CoffeeNancy is my partner in crime. She helps me in so many ways! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3: @Beniciadramaqwn has supported & rooted for me since day 1. She’s a colleague & a great friend! #BetterTogetherCA #beniciastrong
  • A3:@KarlyMoura I’ll never forget that Sun am you helped w/ my preso on iPads & we had never even met IRL – who does that?! #BetterTogetherCA
  • Other than staff @Hopetechschool, Is have to say my Santa Monica College music instructor/boss Lisa Oliver Beasley. #BetterTogetherCA
  • I’m a @Jyoung1219 #fangirl. This guy is solid gold. One of the best, kindest, humblest, most genuine humans on the planet #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3 Huge shout out to @kellyhaydenmt who always goes out of her way to help + collab! Miss you, girl! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3: Grateful to @jenniferabrams for all she’s done for me – training the trainer, courageous conversations, EOI, … #BetterTogetherCA
  • Shout out to my work wife @msherrteaches who has gone WAY out of her way to help me many a time. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3 #BetterTogetherCA In my career I work with amazing people, Ss, Ts, parents, admin Surrounded by the best, and all make me better.
  • A3: @CoriOrlando1 has always pushed me, & @PintoBeanz11 has inspired my bigs w what her #gafe4littles can do! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3: @MrsWard3 support as a fellow educator and parent is much appreciated. Much, much, much. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3: I’ve enjoyed tagging along with TOSAs @Jyoung1219 & @KarlyMoura. Someday I’ll grow to be like them. #BetterTogetherCA
  • Thank you, Mr. Sykes, for teaching me to use my sharp elbow during bball games. I still use it to this day, sorry guys! #BetterTogetherCA
  • .@KarlyMoura, you are open to our crazy ideas & you think they sound cool. You are excited to take on challenges. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A3b: My new PIC, @mrsdavislisa, has been a great next-room neighbor, pushing me by just being the great T that she is. #BetterTogetherCA
  • I am who I am bc of all those who came before me and all who walk beside me. #BetterTogetherCA @KarlyMoura
  • A3 #BetterTogetherCA @LisaTeachesTech and I met at @CUERockStar in Yosemite, and have been friends since. She’s a blessing.


  • Q4: What is the best non-tangible gift you have received at work? Who gave it to you? Why was it special?
  • A4 Advice from my principal, “Don’t get in your own way.” Changed the way I approach colleagues & others. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 The support I get from my colleagues. That text to see how I am or just check in. @ajyoung53 @Jyoung1219 @Mr_B_Teacher #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4: Russ Ewell challenging our staff to get on twitter in ’12. Life changer. @D_Scribbler #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 – the confidence to believe that I can make a difference from PVUSD legends Marina Cook & Judy Stobbe. Miss you two!! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 Have to go with #mindfulness thanks to JG and crew @ mindful life project #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4) Sounds silly, but my friend @vpineda21st braids my hair. I go to her room, hold out the rubber band, & she braids it. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 Support from colleagues as i search for new adventure #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4: As corny as this sounds, love. Having a daughter late in life (45), has been a game changer. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 From my students. The magic in their eyes when they master a concept or task. It brings me so much joy. #BetterTogetherCA
  • My first year of teaching, @MHulgrave gifted with me confidence when she’d visit my classroom #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 #BetterTogetherCA Today, Ss showed off work they created, and then told @TeacherCatt that they keep working until they get it right.
  • A4: The daily support from @BUSDCurriculum while I succeed & struggle in new position is much appreciated. #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4: Whenever a teacher lets me know that something I did was helpful. #wordsmatter and mean the world to me! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 Does a hug count as a non-tangible gift? They’re the best! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 Looking for something new as experienced educator can be difficult, support is everything #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4: Encouragement from @PrincipalKhalid to apply for TOSA gig! Was nervous abt role & leaving Ss but been gr8 experience! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 (part 2) @MrHobsonCMS giving me the gift of pushing me to go big or go home daily-I need to listen to him #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 – 2nd graders thanking me for helping them learn to use technology tools #BetterTogetherCA
  • A4 Hearing several Ss (now freshman) from 5 yrs ago holler “Mrs. Maarrker”! and run up for hugs. Relationships matter! #BetterTogetherCA

Q5:  Shout out to a teacher that helps keep you grounded when the world seems topsy-turvy.

  • A5 @rebgoldman tells me to shut up and calm down when needed! She’s the straight arrow to my jazz hands! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A5: Hands down it’s @KarlyMoura. Emotional compass, my rock, fellow Aggie, #TOSAchat tribe, … #BetterTogetherCA
  • The leadership and support from my admin team @Capri_Cougars #BetterTogetherCA
  • A5: Gotta give it up to my tribe!! Don’t know where I would be w/o them!! Wrote about it: https://t.co/pzmaWZv81Y #BetterTogetherCA
  • Have to say that the leadership, inspiration & encouragement I’ve received from these 3 + @cueinc has changed my life #BetterTogetherCA
  • A5: @NicciEduc @beniciatech @sweetutt Our tech mentor meetings keep me inspired, but more importantly: sane! #BetterTogetherCA
  • A5 #BetterTogetherCA My 6th grade S Kate and my TK friend #LittleMoura need to have classrooms & teachers who are prepared for them.
  • A5: my amazing admin team:)#shspride #rattlerpride #sharylandhs #BetterTogetherCA
  • A5 At @SunTerrace1 those Ts are Sherry Brauer @JDensmoreThomas & @ajyoung53 I can go to them for anything. #BetterTogetherCA
  • Wait, a teacher? A5 #BetterTogetherCA I truly appreciate my partner in crime, @TechDivaElliott, and the crime boss, @coacheagan.
  • A5 Bob Moos. Years ago he was told to always say to me ” Now why do we need that?” #BetterTogetherCA


Q6: OK it’s GO time! Quote this Tweet and tag some amazing educators to thank them!


Thank YOU for being an AMAZING Teacher!! #BetterTogetherCA

Has a teacher made a positive impact on your life?

Share your thoughts on this and the above questions using the hashtag #BetterTogetherCA on Twitter, and tagging us at @CATeachersSummit. Thanks!