In December, New Teacher Center Program Consultant Kathleen Florita joined us on Twitter to share some advice on how to spend winter break, for both teachers and students.

Read below for her advice as we head into the thick of the winter break:

Winter break is around the corner, and teachers and students are gearing up for some time away from the school building. While there are differing perspectives on the amount of homework to give students over break, we can all agree that our students should stay engaged and curious about learning even outside of the classroom.

Let’s think about what activities can excite students and spark new interests, what assignments can connect the school-family life for our students. Once we’ve decided on what winter break work looks like, investing both students and parents and guardians is key to ensure that the work will be completed thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Winter break is also about rejuvenation and relaxation. As educators, having some time to recharge our batteries is essential for our well-being. Whether it’s reading a new novel, going on a hike outdoors, traveling to a new place or catching up on television shows, finding time for yourself is equally as important as students doing their work.

Lastly, a countless number of you will, for sure, unit plan and source materials as the new semester will creep up quickly, so consider collaborating with colleagues and creating a designated space and time to get some work done. Winter break will come and go, so plan how you’ll spend this down time.

Kathleen is a Program Consultant for the New Teacher Center, working to support the organization’s mission of accelerating the effectiveness of teachers and school leaders so that students achieve more. She serves as an instructional and induction coach in a K-8 school district as well as presenter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to joining the New Teacher Center, Kathleen was a lead middle school language arts teacher in an urban school district. Click here to follow her on Twitter. Thanks for joining us for the month of December, Kathleen!